Where to find Lua execution environment


I use Developer Studio for ALEOS version and the lua execution environments include is aaf-4.3.4.

I’ve made the upgrade of my LS300 and GX400 to the firmware.

I’m wondering if a 4.3.6 lua execution exist and where i can get him.

Thank you

I have the same question.
I upgraded my firmware today. It seems that the development documentation is out of date.

There was actually very little changes to the exec env in the past releases of AAF, thus why a new was not created.
The next version of AAF (ALEOS 4.6.0/ALEOS 4.4.4) is going to bring in ssl sockets, and a few documentation fix, so we’ll need to publish a new exec env somehow. We’ll probably do that on the ‘source’ (source.sierrawireless.com).

I am having a problem with the execution environment for Airlink RV 50. Apparently it runs Aleos 4.5.0… I am running Developer Studio 2.0 which runs Aleos version 4.3.4 by default. When I go to make the connection to the device (Raven RV50) it only gives me options to connect to AirLink GX or LS gateway. How do I connect to a Raven? Do I have to update the ALeos execution environment in Developer? If I do will this include the system types by default?


In fact this is not related to the ExecEnv. For the record, the ExecEnv is merely a documentation package. It is only used to read the doc, and for the code auto-complete feature.
That being said, the IDE was not updated when the RV was released, as it is compatible (despite the naming).
So you should be able to use the IDE with the RV50, as is, once you have enabled AAF on your gateway (and set the AAF/uasuser password).