Hi Everyone ,

My module is 2406B , & I m using 657 openAt OS , when I load the Os is is showing ::

  657_09gm.Q2406B 1954500 102706 18:44 , 

but in other modems is showing (this it shoud show )

  657_09gg.Q2406B 1954500 102706 18:44

if 657_gg is there gprs commands are working otherwise if 657_gm is there it is not working , can u tell me how to convert this 657_gm into 657_gg

Thanks in advance

Hi soni,

Please see http://www.wavecom.com/modules/movie/scenes/forums/viewtopic.php?t=458.

There is something on _gg and _gm in the last two posts on that pageā€¦

Best Regards,

HI Jan ,

Thanks for providing help . Now I have consulted the wavecom , maybe problem solves.