I have an application that works just fine with a sim card from one operator if i insert a sim card from another mobile operator i get this error WIP_BEV_CONN_FAILED in the bearer handler although at+cgreg returns 0,1 meaning i have gprs (i set up the apn, user and password right).What could be the problem ?

Hi sergiulungu,
With the simcard of new operator, can you make a call and SMS? Does the flash led blink?

well i haven’t tried calling or sending sms … but i get the at+cgreg=0,1 after the right pin is entered this means that i have gprs no? Can the bearer still have problems ?

Hi Sergiulungu,
I am not sure that the bearer still have problem or not. Why don’t you try with WIPSoft for GPRS connection, Maybe you will find out which step is error? It is just a suggestion.