WIP_BERR_PARAM sometimes


I use a Q2686 with FW 663 and OAT 4.22a.

That’s how I connect to the internet: (it won’t surprise you much)

res = wip_bearerOpen(&InternetBearer, "GPRS", InternetHandler, NULL);
// I handle possible errors here
if (res == OK)
   res2 = wip_bearerSetOpts(InternetBearer, 
			WIP_BOPT_GPRS_APN, ApnSet.apn, 
			WIP_BOPT_LOGIN, ApnSet.user,
			WIP_BOPT_PASSWORD, ApnSet.passwd,
   // Here I will call wip_bearerStart and so on...

ApnSet is a constant and I always connect to the same mobile network. This code works 90% of the time.
Now here is the problem: Once in a while i get res2 = WIP_BERR_PARAM (-26). From there on I have no chance to “recover” from that “state”. Closing the bearer and executing the code above again doesn’t help, I will get the error again.
Two questions arise:
1- Why do I get a WIP_BERR_PARAM at all? Since my I am registered in the GSM network AND the GPRS network with my one and only operator, using always the same APN…
2- When I get it, what can I do about it? So far only a good old AT+CFUN=1 helped.

Maybe you have experienced something similar and could help me out. I sure could use a hint or two.

Thank you,


Sounds like it’s getting corrupted?

Have you tried tracing its contents when the error occurs?

I now know for sure that it doesn’t get corrupted. I found out that this phenomenon is always preceded by a WIP_BEV_CONN_FAILED which occurs during a previous connection attempt. That should be nothing to worry about, since it might happen when the connectivity is bad. Maybe I do something wrong after getting WIP_BEV_CONN_FAILED. For that purpose I started a new thread here:




We also see this problem WIP_BERR_PARAM (-26). It does not happen often (I would say less than 5% of the time), and I’m also quite convinced the APN parameters etc is all correct and not corrupted when it does happen. Usually after this if you reboot the unit and re-connect then it works find.

I’m also interested to know how to handle it when this error occurs. Should the unit reboot itself? I would hope there is some other way to handle it that at+cfun=1.

We are using R71a01gg.WMP100.