Call to wip_bearerStart() returns -35

I have an application running on a Q2687 Classic that creates a gprs connection. This seems to work sometime and sometimes it does not. The problem I seem to be having is that sometime when I call wip_bearerStart() it returns -35. I also get “[GPRS]: start: GPRS setup failed: -9” printed out the debug port at the same time.

Basic flow is like this;
Call wip_bearerOpen() returns OK
Call wip_bearerSetOpts() returns OK
Call wip_bearerStart() fails and returns -35 <== UNKNOWN return value.

I am at a loss here to figure out why this is occurring, I can’t find anything to indicate what the -35 return value indicates.

Could someone please provide some insight into this matter.


Where did you look?

Apparently not in the right place, I was only look at the return values specified for wip_bearerStart().

Interesting thing is my SIM does NOT require a pin code to be entered. So I am still not sure why this error is being returned.

I started receiving this error when I started sending “AT+WIND=8192” and then “AT+CTZU=1” to the device to get it to update its time from the network. I would then start my OpenAt application using “AT+WOPEN=1” and the Gprs association process would be started by my app. I was sending these commands each time I powered up the device before starting my app.

I now am not sending those commands and I am no longer received the -35 error. My OpenAT application code remains unchanged.

You probably have a timing issue.

See this FAQ: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3766&hilit=FAQ+WIKI&start=15#p17708