Windows 8.1 Connection Manager + Driver pack issues.

Hello there,
I have Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit with:

  1. Drivers 6.4.4208.0003 (they are discoverable by Manager)
  2. Connection Manager 6.0.4202.7801

The problem is that Manager is searching for network even though Windows manager can connect to my ISP. It’s kind of annoying because I want to use Manager for statistics, receiving SMS etc.

I’m attaching screenshot so you could see how does it look like:

I am not able to see your screenshot. Could you please attach that once more?
Also on which module are you working on?


Here I attach my screenshot again:

I am working on MC7710. I bought it for my Lenovo X230. It worked alright with previous driver set. With the update from November no luck. I use Skylight just for the SMS service as Windows does not have one.

I have to metnion that I can connect with Windows but not with manager (button is grayed out)