MC7710 with WIN10

Hi all,

I’m new at this, but it sure looks interesting :smile:

Just got my hands on a bunch of MC7710 modules. Already bricked two of them, trying to update with latest firmware :scream:

The module currently on my MB, has been successfully changed from Direct IP to QMI, so the next step is to get a SIM-card and try to communicate with the outside world. So, do you have any tips on a good software to use? Looking for voice/text communication, and also GPS location and Internet connection.

not sure if the Sierra official skylight software works for you, you might give a try.

will give it a try tonight.

Installed the Skylight sw. and it seems to handle the network connection ok. However, I was only able to send one text message. The first one went through OK, but all messages after that failed.

You can try sending sms by AT command to see what happen actually.