MC8305 braodband not working when upgrade to windows 8.1


Anyone can advice me on how to settle this problem what is the proper steps to take to solve it. I currently still able to log into the system but there Is no internet access. ANd there is something very funny now at the windows network side the broadband is able to make itself like a hotspot and share it data like what our phone can do. For years this option was never there then suddenly when it appear then my aircard cannot access the internet.

IS there any advice what to do or what to change to solve my issue it would be greatly appreciated.

I guess it’s using MBIM interface now. Did you try with latest drivers??
How you were connecting to network earlier? Using skylight??


Hi Alex,

Thanks for the reply, I log on with Wifi and skylight is for very new model, could it work for me? is there any other driver that is for MC8305?

Thanks you

Even i’m not much aware of it… but i didn’t find any windows driver for MC8305 in sierra wireless website…
One point is for MC73xx, the latest driver 4464 works well in Windows 8…