Windows 10 - Private APN

Hi all,

I’m having an issue getting Windows 10 to work with our private APN provided by EE. We have used internal 3G cards with Windows 7 and our private APN for some time. We are now moving over to Windows 10 and struggling to get a connection to our APN

After a little testing, using the builtin connection settings, it looked like Windows 10 ApnDatabase.xml was taking priority over the settings I was configuring in the Windows APN settings, we could not see the connection hit our RADIUS server and the 3G card I was using didn’t support the OE connection software.

We purchased the Sierra AirPrime EM7455 module as it’s listed Windows 10 compatible and I can download the connection software. At first, it seemed to work, using the Sierra connection software, we could see the incoming connection on our RADIUS server, however I entered the username incorrectly. After I changed the username in the connection software, the card continued to use the incorrect username.

Is anyone else having issues with Windows 10 and private APN’s?

Many thanks