EDMI Mk6E WM 100 AT COMMAND for APN Settings

Could someone help for the AT COMMAND to configure EDMI Mk6E EWM 100 modem APN, USERNAME and PASSWORD when a new SIM Card is inserted from a different mobile operator.

Thanks in advance.


EWM100 internally uses AirPrime WMP100 modem.

You can define PDP context using the AT+CGDCONT command.

: PDP context identifier
<PDP_type>:type of packet data protocol
“IP” Internet Protocol (IETF STD 5)
“PPP” Point to Point Protocol (IETF STD 51)
:access point name: logical name that is used to select the GGSN or the external packet data network.
<PDP_addr>: PDP address: identifies the MT in the address space applicable to the PDP
<d_comp>: PDP data compression mode
0 OFF (default value)
1 ON
<h_comp>: PDP header compression mode
0 OFF (default value)
1 ON

Eg: AT+CGDCONT=1,“IP”,“internet”

We will update the AT command guide in Dev Zone soon for further reference :slight_smile:


Thanks Rex for the message.
I look forward to seeing its full documentation soon.
Meanwhile, do i need to use WOPEN before doing the configuration? Likewise there is no way to insert username and password in the command you cited.
Kindly expantiate.


What you mean by that?

Why you want to insert username and password? What exactly is your use case?
If you want to set PIN, PUK etc, then you can go with AT+CPIN command.


Hi Rex,
Just to refrain the question, using external terminal software like hyper terminal to send gprs settings (apn, username and password) to the ewm100 modem. I used the code below which is not working. (Note the modem was working on a previous SIM until i replace it to another mobile service provider).

Here is the code:


Could you kindly review that?

Thanks in advance.

What responses do you get to those commands :question:

You need to be more specific than “not working”:

  • what, exactly, are you doing?
  • what results - including any errors - are you getting?
  • does it all work again if you go back to the “original” SIM?
  • does the SIM work in a phone or other device?

Hi Awneil,
Problem - I am trying to change my network operator for the gprs connectivity by replacing the old SIM Card in the modem from different mobile network provider.

Result - Using terminal program to insert the APN details of the new SIM, it was successful and saved but there is no connection to my remote server like i am unable to ping its IP (Not the SIM comes with a static IP).

If i put the original SIM back into the modem, it does not work again.

Finally, YES the SIM works in other mobile device.

Looking forward to your take on this.


What are you using to establish the connection?

What diagnostic facilities does it provide? Have you used them?

Does AT+COPS? indicate that the modem is registering to your provider?


  • AT+WIND=32767
  • AT+CREG=2
  • AT+CGREG=2
  • AT&W

and then restart the modem. Post the responses you get as the modem restarts.

You would, of course, have to reconfigure back to the original settings…

Yes i have tried to use AT&F to reset it back to factory settings and i have also updated the firmware but yet it still not functioning after updating its APN details. Meanwhile it shows OK on the terminal showing that the code was accepted.

Do you have any other way of re-configuring WMP100 modem?


  • Ebenezer