APN Settings EM7305


I am developing a connection manager app for my company. The hardware is a Getac RX10 with an embetted EM7305 modem.
We had issues with the Apn-settings on the windows network options. Sometimes the Apn settings such as apnuser and password disappear from the windows settings.
So we decided to handle it on our own. I can´t figure out how I can set the apnuser and password.
Currently I communicate with the modem via COM-Port and AT commands.
I checked the documentation and couldn´t find any command to handle the username and password.

Any ideas?

Can you please try AT+WDSS=,[,[,]]
Definations of parameters are:-

: Mode
0 PDP context configuration for Device Services
1 user initiated connection to the Device Services server
2 activate the automatic registration

: access point name for Device Services
string type, up to 50 chars

: login for the APN
string type, up to 30 chars

: password for the APN
string type, up to 30 chars

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Yes i tried that already. As response I only get error.

But i checked the comands which I get with AT+CLAC again and found this one:

AT$QCPDPP and tried it like they discribe it here http://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/sierra_advanced

And it sets the username and password