EM7455 - disable modem or device provisioned APN on Windows 10 and Vodafone SIM

Is it possible to disable modem/device auto provisioned APN on EM7455 modems (Running Windows 10). Have tried firmware WI9X30C_02.38.00.00 and SWI9X30C_02.24.03.00. Need to restrict access to a Private Vodafone APN and the auto provisioned APN connects to Vodafone’s Public APN.

didn’t you can change the APN here?

Also have you changed the APN by AT+CGDCONT=1,“IP”,“xxx” command?

BTW, have you tried in VMware Linux to make sure it works on the private APN?

Thank you for your reply. The problem is not creating a user generated APN but to stop the modem/device automatically creating a default APN in windows 10.

are you using MBIM or RMNET mode?
you can check by: