EM7455 GPS on Vodafone FW

I’m trying to set up a Windows device with an EM7455 to obtain GPS and 4G data, and I’m in the UK if that makes a difference.
I was able to get GPS fix (though longer TTFF was than I would like) when using the latest generic firmware ( with my test SIM but now I have the client-supplied Vodafone SIM and Windows “helpfully” flashes the Vodafone firmware ( on startup and now I am unable to get a GPS fix.
Does anyone know if it’s possible to stop Windows from flashing the Vodafone FW so I can keep the latest generic (which I guess has some fixes for GPS which are unavailable in the older Vodafone version)? If I am able to do this, is it documented anywhere what’s actually in the Vodafone FW that makes it different from generic (besides being older), and is it possible to manually apply these changes to make latest generic work on vodafone network if it doesn’t by default?


Hi @jb435
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According to your description, are you looking to know how to use Generic firmware on your EM7455 module that it doesn’t automatically switch to Vodafone firmware?

If yes, please use < AT!IMPREF=“GENERIC” > command while module is using Generic firmware, then recheck whether the issue is resolved.

If not, Please describe clearly your issue so I can help you further.


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Hi @jerdung, thanks for your reply!

I tried setting AT!IMPREF=“GENERIC” both before and after flashing the generic FW via the .exe, but when I call at!reset or restart the PC, Windows “configures” the modem and re-flashes the old Vodafone FW. When I check at!impref? again after it has finished, it’s gone back to VODAFONE being preferred.
Is there a way to make this GENERIC change permanent, or stop Windows meddling?


I’ve just found a solution for this, if you call the driver installer with the flag -AUTOFWSIMMATCH=0, it stops automatically installing the FW over the one you chose.

This isn’t a complete solution though, I would still like to know how to make the generic firmware vodafone friendly so I could use the latest FW if I wanted.