+WIND: 4 ?how can i recognize?


Im trying to connecting another IP via gprs.
I learned here i could wait +WIND: 4, then i could send AT+CGATT=1.
How can i recognize to get +WIND: 4?


Hello ersinArGe !!

First, what is the version of your Open-At ?
Then, if the Wind4 message doesn’t appear on the hyperterminal, I think you can display it by the command at+wind=x.
And, in your program, you can run the at+cgatt=1 command after the wind4 message by the function adl_CmdSubscribe(). You can find all the informations about this function you need in the Adl user guide.

Thank you fanfan1110,

i will try your suggestions immediately.

Sorry, I’ve made a mistake. The function is not the adl_CmdSubscribe() one, you have to use the adl_atUnSoSubscribe() function.
Sorry… :unamused:

adl_atUnSoSubscrible works!!!

thanks again.