+ wind:3

Hello everybody,
Did anyone know what +wind:3 means?
I sent a program into the target and it appears every 10 sec and i can’t give AT commands any more.

Did i break it down?

Please i need help…


Hi takis,

this means that the product is ready to process AT commands. It occurs after a reset. That means your application crashes right at the start and probably the watchdog resets the module.

I think you will need to reflash the core firmware using the bootpin and the DWLWIN tool, or to send the module to your distributor for repair.

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How can i find the bootpin and the DWLWIN tool?

Thanks a lot…

I found that the bootpin is the pin 3 of HD-15 pin connector,
but the DWLWIN tool isn’t included into the MUSE V. 3.10.

Where can i find it? Is it free?

It is “free” in the sense of “no cost”, but not in the sense of “unrestricted distribution”

You need to get it from your Wavecom Distributor - there should be no charge.

About DWLWIN, my wavecom distributor told me that this tool is reserved for wavecom distributors only !! And that wavecom does not autorize them to give it to their customers…

Hello everybody,
I solved the problem with +WIND:3.

My target had stuck and my wavecom distributor fixed it with DWLWIN tool.