Why is there an RC2 software suit?

the current version of the “Open AT Embedded Software Suite package” is “2.31.0.RC2”
the only difference with RC1 is a new build of the firmware (7.4.0.a.200912041916 for RC2, against 7.4.0.a.200910291816 for RC1)

the latest version of the firmware offered on the wavecom site is “R74a00-cus-q26-01.wpk” (which is also build on 29-10-2009)

but even after updating the module with the new firmware it still reports the ‘old’ build date!


I was also wondering about this…

ciao, Dave

The main reason for this repackaging if a packages format change, in order to make them downloadable directly from the website by the software installer or by M2M Studio (without having to deliver them through an SDK.exe file)
A minor upgrade has been performed for Q26 Extreme bootloader, but as far as I know, there are no impacts on others products.