Dev Studio 1.1.2 Updates

Hi everyone,

I can’t update to “Open AT Embedded Software Suite package 2.34”
I can download all of its components (Firmware 7.44, WIP 5.40 etc.)

and I can download all the other Open AT Embedded Software Suite packages.

Any ideas as to how to fix this to do that very needed update?

Please can you elaborate on the issue?
If I understand correctly, you get an error when trying to install the root Open AT Embedded Software Suite package 2.34, but you can install all other packages separately?

Yes that is correct.

The problem is explained in the attached screenshots…

I am running Windows 7 with Dev Studio 1.1.2

Sounds like an already known issue where packages refuse to install if a corrupted package already exists on the disk.
Please have a look to the packages installation path (either the “dropins” subfolder of your DevStudio, or an external path like “C:\Program Files\Sierra Wireless\Embedded Software”).
You may have a directory looking like “com.wavecom.openat.softwaresuite.2.34.*”: if so, just delete it and retry to install.

There was no 2.34 package in the “Embedded Software” directory. I copied the “com.wavecom.openat.softwaresuite.” folder from a friend and now it works…

Just had to hack it a little

When stuff like that begins to happen, best way is to nuke out the dev studio and do a clean install, it is all great after that :wink: