Which OpenAT / core firmware is best for Q2406B?


Hi everybody,

What are you using and why? Which version do you think works best?

I am really interested in your opinion! Please share your opinion with the other members on the forum…

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Hello jan,

I used 2.1x 3.00, 3.01, 3.02, 3.10. I think the most bugless :slight_smile: was 3.02 for me. The more adjustable flash space was the reason i use 3.10/ 6.55 now, but it is really a nightmare for me because i use the UARTS intensely and it does not work in TMT debug mode.



Thanks Tomalex,

On the projects we don’t need UART2 we still use 2.01 and 2.1c! These ones seem to work really well…

All newer versions had different problems for our application. It seems everytime one thing gets fixed, another one is screwed up…

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