Does Q2406B support Open AT 3.02?


I downloaded 6.51 core software into a Q2406B which had 6.41 before then it crashed. I says “BAD SOFTWARE” just after reset.

Does Q2406B support Open AT 3.02?


Hello piedos,

The answer to the ultimate question is … 42 :laughing:
…just kidding… the real answer is:

[color=blue][size=150]YES[/size], the Q2406B supports the 6.51 and the OpenAT 3.02!

Did you use the xmodem protocol or the DwlWin tool?



I’m currently using 6.51 and OAT 3.02 on Q2406B with any problems.
I upgraded from 6.50a to 6.51 uploading the 651__full_q2406b.dwl file included with OAT 3.02 CDROM with AT+WDWL command, using 1KXModem protocol.
I also uploaded the dwl.dwl file.