Upgrading open AT 2.10 to 3.02


I have a Q2406B which has 6.41 core software and an application which is compiled with open AT 2.10 and IMEI nubber is not default

I sent

then I sent
AT+WDWL and I loaded the ftr_ip.dwl file to make IMEI number as 01234… (default IMEI) and it worked.

Then I loaded pro-dwl.wpb and q2406.e2p files using DWLwin. Loading was successful but after reset I see BAD SOFTWARE. What does this mean?

What is wrong?


There are some core softwares come with the OPEN AT 3.02.
They are:

I want to upgrade to 6.51, my modem is: Q2406B

which files should be loaded and in which order?


Hello piedos,

If you go with the +WDWL procedure, you should upgrade the wdwl program first, so download the dwl.dwl file. (check the version with AT+WDWL?) After then you can download 651__full_q2406b.dwl binary file (if you check the binary file more closely, you can see there are actually two, for A and for B memory modules) together with 651__w.dwl eeprom file.

The dwlwin procedure: First of all, you should also send the w.e2p files.

In the dwlwin doc, there is something about “BAD SOFTWARE” message:

From this i think that means wrong dwlwin downloader has sent to the module, and probably that put the files to wrong adresses. But, this feature is removed from version 3.3.7.

I would send the pro-dwl.wpb file together with q2406b.e2p and w.e2p again and for sure select the wismo 2-3 type instead of auto detect.

good luck,



Hi any body can upload ftr_ip.dwl file (to reset IMEI to default value)?