Where is wip_drv_eth.h

DS 1.2.0
Open AT Embedded Software Suite Package

Creating a new project based on any of the WIP samples seems to fail because it can’t find wip_drv_eth.h:

#include "wip_drv_eth.h"

This header is not mentioned anywhere in the WIP User Guide.

Where is this header, and why doesn’t the New Project Wizard set it up correctly?

WIP samples are all depending on an ethernet_driver project library which is assumed to provide this interface. When you create a new project based on a WIP sample:

  • either it creates also the ethernet_driver project in your workspace if it doesn’t already exist
  • or it simply references it if the project already exists

There was maybe an issue at project creation?.. Or you already have a project named “ethernet_driver” in your workspace, but modified, or not corresponding to the sample one provided by the WIP plug-in?..

I think that’s a fundamentally bad (thought not new) idea:

I suspect that the (vast) majority of WIP projects do not use Ethernet - so forcing them to unnecessarily reference this library project is just an unnecessary complication.

AFAIR, This used to be stated in the HTML documentation - but DS provides no access to that.

I thought that’s what I did!

But what if one just wants to create a new, blank WIP project - not based on a sample?

No, that didn’t happen.

Aparrently so!

I’ll have to try it again…

Just to confirm: this kind of reference to the Ethernet library exists only when you create a project based on a WIP sample.
If you create a blank project, just referencing the WIP plug-in, the Ethernet library reference won’t be made.
Now, I agree with you that simpler samples should be also provided (without Ethernet support). I guess this was made to demonstrate the ability of each WIP sample to be functional whatever is the underlying bearer (PPP over serial, GPRS, Ethernet…) but in the end, it’s not easy to understand the stuff…
I’ll make a suggestion to the concerned people to have a look to the WIP samples philosophy.

Thanks - the “philosophy” does long predate Developer/M2M Studio…

In fact, I think the entire sample philosophy needs to be looked at - see rant here - but that’s a different story… :wink:

BTW: did you get my private message?

Well said Andy. Example code should be exemplary.

The thing is, a day spent on a good example, will save countless days in support. So there should be a clear incentive.

Same with this website - if there was input from SiWi, there should be time saved for support on countless repeated questions. I know they still happen on the forum, but hopefully we all learn from other posts.

I’ve just thought, is there a way to browse samples now? Now the directory structure is impenetrable, is hard to find them. The old M2M software used to pop a list you could browse when starting a new project. I haven’t seen that so far, but I haven’t made may new projects because they are “difficult” now.

Indeed - just look at the number of people who fail to get the C-GPS samples working!! :open_mouth:

And they would be in touch with the real needs of their real customers.

daav is, of course, the shining counter-example!

Not that I’ve found.
Instead, I use the Windows Explorer to search the entire folder structure for *.html files, and then create shortcuts in a convenient, easily-accessible location.
Similarly for *.pdf

Yes, DS does do that, but all you get is a list of names - there is no access to the descriptions or documentation (such as it is) of the samples.

Since DS 1.1.2, you can:

  • Browse a given package content in your system explorer by simply clicking the appropriate button in the Installed Packages view.
  • Access to the samples HTML documentation from the project creation wizard by selecting the desired samples + clicking on the documentation hyperlink
  • Even if it’s not exactly the purpose of this thread, for some packages since Software Suite 2.34, API HTML documentation dynamic links are available from the code editor (hit F1 to open the dynamic help view, and then navigate in your application code. As soon as an API or AT command keyword is selected or simply “under the keyboard cursor” a dynamic help link will appear in this view)

We also plan to add in a future release a system of “resources exploring” in the Installed Packages view, in order to allow an easier browsing.

However, you’re right that all of this can’t be enough if samples content is not reviewed. But I know that they are currently under review…

PS for awneil: yes I got it; just coming back after some vacations, let me some time and I’ll get back to you :wink: