Ethernet driver for Q2687



In WIP library 3.00.09 is sample code of extension Q2687 with ethernet NIC (Davicom DM9000A).
Has anybody more information abut it? Schematic of Wavecom daughter board for Q2687?




You need to contact your distributor, he would be able to provide you all the information you need.


I thought the idea of the new website was that this should no longer be necessary - it should all be available for download…? :confused:


There are still many things not available for download yet.

I hope more will be made available soon.



I did, I asked local distributor and they asked Wavecom about ethernet in WIP 3.0.9 :slight_smile: Finally, I have recived
PDF with schematic how Davicom chip is connected with Q26xx. It looks very interesting 8)

Generally, Wavecom will extend WIP lib with abillity for installing your own driver for external medium like ethernet.
Now, I`m working on Microchip ENC28J60 as ethernet PHY for Q2868, and we will see…



I think the issue here is that Wavecom has just opened up all development documents, software downloads, application notes (some with free source code) but that these downloads are for commercially available products only.

What is being discussed here is a product under development and that is not yet available and therefore not downloadable!

As part of future upgrades and extensions to the Developer Zone, we’re thinking about introducing an alpha/beta tester program for pre-qualified developers (critera to be decided). No dates yet so please don’t ask!

Until then, the alpha delivery of the above Ethernet feature is part of the Open AT Internet Plug-In V3.10. If you’re interested to get something in alpha state delivery (we’re all adults and know what that implies) drop me a personal message with your real contact details (name, company, country etc.)



A notification only - ethernet driver for ENC28J60 is working well with Q2686.



Hi Krutecki,
Is it working with Q2686? don’t you mean Q2687?
If you are really using Q2686, may I know what is the interface of the Q2686 you are using to connect the ENC28J60?
Thanks in advance



Yes, it is working with both Q2686 and Q2687. As ENC28J60 is using SPI interface,
the only limitation is OpenAT plug-in - driver for external ethernet chip is available in
WIP 3.09 and next.

For more information about ENC28J60 look here:

The only problem with this chip is how to make driver be stable :confused: It`s a tough guy :imp:



Thanks for the information!


Hi, I am now playing Q2687 and Enc28j60. in this project, a computer send data to Enc28j60, Q2687 read the data from Enc28j60 then send it to the internet by antenna,can a computer join the internet in this way?