Missing functions in WIP 5.20



I’m working on integrating the Microchip ENC424J600 ethernet chip into an application for a client.

In the WIP API, there is mention made of driver buffer management functions specifically for use inside an ISR. These functions are:

  • wip_drvBufIsrAlloc
  • wip_drvBufIsrFree
  • wip_drvBufIsrDequeue
  • wip_drvBufIsrEnqueue

However, these functions do not seem to be declared in any header file associated with WIP 5.20.

My questions:

  • Do these functions really exist in the library?
  • Is there a header file missing from the Plugin?
  • If the functions don’t exist, is it still allowable to use the non ISR variants of these functions inside the interrupt handler?

ciao, Dave