Problems with wip functions in tasks not 0

I’m working on a Q2687 with the v7.46 firmware.

I have noticed that following functions do work in task 0, but do not work in other tasks :

  • wip_bearerOpen(…)
  • wip_FTPCreate(…)
  • wip_putFile(…)
  • wip_getFile(…)
  • wip_list(…)

However I do call the wip_netInit() at the beginning of all my tasks.
Is it normal and is there others functions like this ?
Or do I make a mistake ?
Thanh you.

See the section titled “Multitasking Feature” in the WIP User Guide

I had read it but i misunderstood it.
To summarize, bearer management function, and functions returning a wip_channel_t type, except functions creating sockets, must be call in task 0 context.
It’s clear now, thank you.