When is the assisted GPS function in HL7800-M available?

When is the assisted GPS function in HL7800-M available?


GPS is a firmware upgrade to the current hardware available later in the year, you will need to contact your distributor to get timelines for more detailed information as it is currently confidential.



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Are you referring to Assisted GPS only or GPS in general?
I’ve started working with a HL7800 module recently and something is not very clear…

Digging through the technical specification Rev5.0 (AirPrime_HL7800_and_HL7800_M_Product_Technical_Specification_Rev5_0.pdf),
3.22 GPS Interface (page 54)

There’s a note saying that: “This interface will be available in a future release.”

Also, when running the command AT+GPSNMEA?
I get the following response:
Which means “Operation not supported”

To be fair, I haven’t tried to do any sort of GPS configuration yet, but I assume that lack of configuration would generate +CME ERROR:3 (Operation not allowed) instead.

If the GPS feature is not available yet, do you have an updated release date for it?

BTW, my module is running the following firmware: BHL7800.

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So couple of things.

  • Your hardware should be good to go and it should work with the firmware you have.
  • You need to send at+cfun=0 to the unit and then you can start the GNSS.
  • Start it with at+gnssstart=0
  • The command you need to send is at+gnssnmea NOT at+gpsnmea.

+GNSSNMEA: (0,1,3-8),(1000),(0),(1FF)




Thanks for the clarification, Matt.
I got it working now.