HL6528-G2.8V GPS at 5 Hz

Hello everyone !
My name is Mauro.
I commented on the problem , I need the GPS send messages every 200 ms by the I2C bus. According to the AT commands manual this is possible with the following command :
AT+GPSNMEA =101,0.2,FFFF,FF but this command returns ERROR.
Another important fact is that with HiloUpgrader i updated the firmware to HL6N_003_00_200F_p7176A.pac with hoping that the problem be the version. But I have the same results.
Hope anyone can help me.
Thankyou so much in advance!

What error are you getting?? Give AT+CMEE=2 to know the error message you are getting.



This is the error message:


+CME ERROR: operation not allowed

The same with variations of this command, like:


+CME ERROR: operation not allowed


+CME ERROR: operation not allowed

Thanks Alex!

Have gone through the AT command document. The NMEA fame rate range is 1-65535…


Hi Alex and Mafito,

Alex, Mafito is right. In AT command manual “AirPrime_HL6_and_HL8_Series_AT_Commands_Interface_Guide_Rev10_2” that can be downloaded from Sierra Wireless support page, stands that HL6528G can stream NMEA messages at 5Hz or at period of 0.2s. But it doesn’t work.

Also what does’t work is AT+GPSSLEEP = 0 -> idle mode, however AT+GPSSLEEP = 1 -> hibernate mode works fine.

Also there is issue with internal LNA for GPS where if it is ON or OFF it doesn’t make any difference.

I also would like to know answer why are those commands listed in AT command manual but they don’t work, it is very annoying to have function that can ease your life and not to be able to use it.

I have newest version of firmware on my HL6528g-2.8V module ie. V3.0