Reg: All GPS messages not getting in HL6528G2.8

Hi guys,

I have enabled the GPS stream in I2C mode. When I enabled the all GPS messages command (AT+GPSNMEA=101,1,FFFF), Out of 9 only 6 messages are getting from Module.

GGA, GST and ZDA stream are not received from the Module. GST and ZDA was not required for my application but GGA need to get number of satellites used.

Kindly suggest the ways to get the GGA stream from the module.

Note: I had referred the Rev4 AT command Interface guide

Thanks in advance.

Dear All,

For the above mentioned issue, we need to upgrade the firmware of the HL6528 to get the GPGGA and other messages in the NMEA format.

Info got from the sierra vendor.

Hi Prakash,

Sorry for bringing up an old thread.

How do you query the I2C bus?
Is the HL6528 acting as a slave device on the I2C bus?
If yes, what it is device address?

There’s no documentation on this portion despite many people asking for it. :frowning:

Hi Prakash,

Found the +KIICADDR command. I think that is only information on the I2C.
The default address is 34.

Thank you.

Hi Phangmoh,


Only newer version HL series support I2C address 34. Previous version does not need any configuration at all it directly works.