HL7800 and gps location information

How can I get the location information from the HL7800? I do not see a command in the documentation.

What documentation are you looking at?
The HL78XX AT command set has a bunch of GPS related commands.

Latitude: 49 Deg 10 Min 23.88 Sec N
Longitude: 123 Deg 4 Min 8.64 Sec W
GpsTime: 2018 12 11 1 00:02:23
FixType: 3D
HEPE: 129.711 m
Altitude: -29 m
AltUnc: 104.4 m
Direction: 0.0 deg
HorSpeed: 0.0 m/s
VerSpeed: 0.0 m/s

I was using the Version 3.0 (July 31st 2018) document. I was able to find a newer one Version 8.1 (April 23rd 2019) and you are right it has some GPS related commands.

What firmware version do I need to be running for the GPS to work?

I would assume that if the documentation for a firmware release lists commands for GPS then that firmware release has GPS. I would be surprised if any hardware that was GPS capable had a firmware release that didn’t support GPS.

The easiest way to see if your version supports GPS is to test the GPS commands.