HL7800 datasheet says "will be supported in future release"

In the latest HL7800 datasheet (version 7) there are a few features marked as “will be supported in a future release” … I was wondering if the future firmware releases are actively being worked on?
I am worried because I think the HL7800 does not have any GPS right now until a future firmware is released? I read the release notes for newest firmware but it does not say anything about GPS added yet. But in AT Commands manual (version 10) it does mention commands for GPS location. :thinking: I have not ordered this HL7800 module yet, but might next week if it can support GPS already.

From datasheet (version 7), features available in future release:

  • LTE bands 9 and 10 (page 13)
  • Real Time Clock (page 39)
  • several connections in architecture chart (page 16)
  • DRX average amperage (*enhancement)(page 29)
  • UIM1_DET pin (page 41)
  • GPIO4 (page 42)
  • PWR_ON_N managed (page 46)
  • PCM (page 49)
  • Fast Shutdown Signal (page 51)
  • TX Indicator (page 53)
  • VBATT_PA_EN pin (page 54)
  • GPS Interface (page 55)
  • EXT_LNA_GPS_EN pin (page 55)

Thank you for your time.


  • Real Time clock: it is supported from FW 4.1
  • TX Indicator: supported from FW 3.7 ( but only for LTE-CATM)
  • GPS: supported from FW 3.4
    So with lasted fw 4.3.9 you can use these features, following the latest AT command manual


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