HL7800 Poor GNSS/GPS Performance

Is anyone else having issues with poor GNSS/GPS performance? I have been testing with a Mangoh Red board on both the HL7800 and 7802 modules, along with several ublox GNSS dev boards. Inside my house, the uBlox will get a fix 100% of the time. However, the HL7800s maybe only 10% of the time.

They do work fine if placed outside with a clear view of the sky…

I am just shocked to see such a dramatic performance difference between these modules and the uBlox modules. Also, I understand that AGPS will be added in the future, which should help in TTFF.

Any other thoughts or anyone else experiencing the same issues?


Hi tremmert1

Yes, of course.

Different chipsets, different behavior. The LTE and GPS features of the HL78xx share the same processor. So you need to enter AT + CFUN = 0/4 for a better GPS fix.
The GPS engine will stop when the LTE device is active and when LTE is stopped, GPS will restart.
Please upgrade it to the latest HL78xx firmware for a better GPS fix.

Please wait for new firmware releases in the future.

You can get the latest HL78xx firmware here. HL78XX firmware

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