welcome in the club!


I highly welcome this forum, because i felt myself really alone on the field of Open AT.
Some problems wasted me lots of time, which later turned out to be bugs.
(q2501 wdwl bug,adl_adWrite “-22” error, uart2 configuration problem …)
Maybe there were notes available previusly on the support area but of course i don’t
have right to access it, which i really don’t understand.

So let’s talk! :slight_smile:



Never alone and it seems that with more and more people joining, there’s a growing following!


Do you have any ideas where to get something like
compel.ru/catalog/wireless/g … enloc25oem

I want to make it myself


Try the Fastrack Supreme with the IESM Expansion Card supporting GPS plus extra IOs such as USB, ADC, DAC.