We have to pay now?

So I am trying to figure out this Airvantage account.
I know have tokens?
It appears I’m going to run out of tokens in Jan 2020, and am I to assume I will have to pay for this monitoring service now?

Will I still be able to monitor all my modems remotely and update the firmware remotely?
Will I have to pay for this service?

Thanks -


Yes, you have correctly assessed the situation with your account. As of November 1st, you had 8 active systems in your account, and 16 tokens to draw from. Each device in ALMS consumes 1 token per month. As you sate, you will be out of tokens in January. Once your account goes into a negative state, we suspend access to your account until you purchase more.

You can purchase tokens from your Authorized Sierra Wireless Partner. They are sold as a “Service Pack”, which contains 12 tokens (one year of access) for $20 per Service Pack. I would suggest purchasing at least 8 Service Packs for your account.

In addition, when you purchase new AirLink gateways and routers and register them for AirLink Complete (https://www.sierrawireless.com/complete/register/), you receive access to ALMS for one year. We add 12 tokens (one year of access) for each registered device to your account automatically.

I hope this answers your question, but please reach out to us if you have any more questions.