HL7692 modem Firmware update


For the HL7692 modem, need to update my modem firmware over the air by polling method. Followed the steps given in FOTA guidelines doc.

Communication is happening between modem and the Airvantage server, noticed that latest firmware is not getting downloaded from Airvantage.

Responses from the modem.

Can anyone help me please ?
I have no idea where I’m getting it wrong.
Thank you


Have you set a job up on the server to perform a FOTA operation? You have clearly added the unit to an account on the server otherwise the authentication would be failing.

Sierra is not Microsoft and don’t force you to take the latest greatest firmware upgrades are both the system integrator responsibility and and done at their discretion as you could be quite happy with the firmware you have and newer firmware could break things.



@mlw, thanks for the response.

Yes, i have configured both heartbeat and AVMS polling timer for 15 mins.

The task is to check firmware update for every 15 days but since it will take long time for my testing i am doing it for 15 mins and if its available then it should start downloading the firmware OTA.

modem is able to communicate with AVMS and getting all the responses but the firmware is not getting downloaded

please give your thoughts on this .



You don’t seem to have answered the basic question, have you set up a firmware upgrade job on the server? When the unit dials in it will see it and then carry it out.



Hi @mlv

I am actually new to this platform . Yes i have made the setup for the firmware upgrade job on the server .

my modem has to communicate with the AVMS and download the latest firmware over the air .
i want my modem to detect if any firmware upgrade is present and download the same .

in my case i am receiving all the responses from AVMS but it is not downloading the firmware

Could you please suggest an idea on how to do that?