GL8200 Firmware Update


We have modems running early firmware for the gl8200 (5.5.22).

It looks like the latest is - in .exe format that wants to upgrade the modem using USB.

Is it possible to update the firmware using the rs232 port?




You should be able to upgrade using the UART with the following instructions.

  1. Open the one click .exe file using the 7z tool (downloadable from the internet, it must be this tool only)
  2. Go into temp.
  3. Edit ‘entry.bat’
  4. In the file change the below two parameters to those appropriate for your PC.
    set DL_PORT=USB1
    set DL_BAUD=460800
  5. Replace/save the file in the exe/archive.
  6. Run the exe, reboot the GL8 and it should upgrade over the UART.