HL7800-M, failure to upgrade firmware on AirVantage

I got new HL7800-M module with firmware 1.7.15 from digikey.com and am developing custom product. It is on network and has IP address and communicates fine.

I want to update module to a new firmware to fix some old commands. When I try to use AirVantage it always has an error, and email says “finished with failure” … see the image for error that no package is available. If I choose advanced and then a delta binary it says error incorrect firmware for upgrade.

Is there any advice so I can get AirVantage to do firmware update? Thanks! --Vince

Also, the syncronize command from AirVantage fails too. This is what comes from module during syncronize attempt:
+WDSI: 4

+WDSI: 6

+WDSI: 23,1

+WDSI: 8

It is not so critical for me now, because I have done some delicate soldering to get direct access to uart1 and have done firmware upgrade from computer serial port.
Since I do plan on ordering many hundreds of this module in the future, I still am curious of how to get AirVantage to FOTA on the factory provided 1.7.15 firmware? For now maybe it’s better I design an extra uart1 test pads or header pins on PCB so I can do first time firmware more easily.

Hi @vincentkezel

You cannot upgrade from firmware to firmware because there is no package in the AirVantage website from the initial firmware HL7800
The initial firmware HL7800 is very old. If you require an upgrade FOTA from older firmware, please contact your Sierra Wireless representative.

You can go to Develop-> Public Apps in AirVantage website to check the available initial firmware packages for installation firmware.
I have attached the screenshots for your reference.

+WDSI: 23,1 // displays that the target has successfully connected to the AirVantage Service

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I was able to use a usb serial adapter to upgrade the firmware on UART1.