HL7800 supporting FOTA

I am using HL7800 with FW version 2.5.1.

From a quick look in the Customer Release Note of FW version 3.5, it seems that FOTA is supported only in this version (“FOTA credential not loaded inside the module” which is fixed in “EURY-253: AirVantage FOTA ready”).

Is this correct?


No, it is not.
Please check your module is HL7800 or HL7802 by ATI command.
The FOTA is supported on HL7800 FW 2.5.1
For EURY-253 ticket, The FOTA is implemented for HL7802 module.

Thanks for your reply.
I retried today making FW upgrade. This time I passed the Bootstrap Server (WSDI=23,1 where previous trials it returned WSDI=23,0).

but when I try to upgrade my FW from the AirVantage website, it neither fails or get stuck - see attached screenshot.

I also tried to reboot the device via the AirVantage website and it worked OK! --> device have communication with the DM server.

I noticed that the upgrade files are DELTA files from 3.4.4 or 3.4.3 FWs, where my FW is 2.5.1 --> I guess this is the reason I cannot upgrade. there are no other upgrade packages to install in the website…


The reason you cannot upgrade is that there are no other packages to install in AirVantage’s website from the initial firmware 2.5.1.

You can go to Develop->My Apps or Public Apps in AirVantage website to check the available packages for installation from the initial firmware 2.5.1.


I cannot find this path (Develop–>My Apps) in the website - searched for more than 30 minutes. on what menu is it available? A screenshot will be appriciated.

by the way, In the Upgrade Firmware menu, the do appear, but without a binary file (see screenshot)



You cannot upgrade from FW 2.5.1 to FW because there is no package in the AirVantage website.

I found a package available BHL7800. in AirVantage’s website from the initial firmware 2.5.1

You can try upgrading from FW 2.5.1 to FW 2.5.2

Please find the screenshots for your reference.


thank you very much for the quick and detailed response.

my AirVantage portal look different - no “Develop” tab.

Is it because I don’t have the “full AirVantage”? I currently have the free account “AirVantage FOTA Edition”.
If this is the reason, what I need to do in order to upgrade my account?



Yes,It is.

Please contact to Sierra Wireless for AirVantage account support.
Support Phone Number:
call 1-877-687-7795. Monday - Friday, 6am - 6pm Pacific Standard Time.
Support Website: