Firmware Update did not start, when using FOTA by AirVantage

I’m trying firmware update with FOTA.

My HL7810 is registered to AirVantage. I can connect to server using AT+WDSS=1,1.
Response is +WSDI:6 (successful authentification, server session started)

I select desired firmware and start ‘install application’.
AirVantage shows ‘install application’ and ’ ‘Progress: Pending’
It won’t start with the update. What is missing? What I’m doing wrong?


  • Synchronize works without problem.

  • Error message from ‘install application’ is 'Upgrade failure [No package available]

Problem solved!

I had to do upgrades with intermediate stages, because the delta-binaries did not support a jump from firmware version (actual on the HL7800) to the desired target firmware version.