HL8548-G FOTA firmware update problem

Hi everybody,

I’m facing a problem during the HL8548-G FOTA firmware update.
I have modem which were originally in version 5.5.22. I would like to update them to the latest version (5.5.25) though FOTA.
I’m not able to update them to another version through FOTA. The modem look like to reboot indefinitely instead of downloading a new firmware. I tried to downgrade or upgrade it but the problem is the same for both cases.

I used the “RHL85xx.” oneclick updater to downgrade one modem to an old version. After that I was able to update that modem from the old version to the latest version (5.5.25).

Here is my log:

+WDSI: 18,“98%”
+WDSI: 18,“99%”
+WDSI: 18,“100%”
+WDSI: 10
+WDSI: 12
+WDSI: 14
swu_DwlInstallInnerPackage Invalid u32_UpckType :0x5
swu_DwlInstallInnerPackage Invalid u32_UpckType :0x6
+WDSI: 0
+SIM: 1
+KSUP: 0
+WDSI: 16
+NVBU_IND: 0,0,“2014/01/01 01:49:23”,“RHL85xx.”
+NVBU_IND: 0,1,“2014/01/01 01:49:24”,“RHL85xx.”
+NVBU_IND: 0,2,“2014/01/01 01:49:24”,“RHL85xx.”

Do you know what the message after +WDSI: 14 means?

Here is the Airvantage status:

Here are the test I made:

V5.5.14 > V5.5.25 : OK
V5.5.16 > V5.5.25 : OK
V5.5.18 > V5.5.25 : OK
V5.5.22 > V5.5.25 : ERROR
V5.5.23 > V5.5.25 : ERROR
V5.5.24.2 > V5.5.25 : OK

Is there a bug in the 5.5.22 and 5.5.23 FOTA update service?

Best regards,