Source.sierrawireless offline

I want to download the modem HL8548-G firmware RHL85xx. but the web site source.sierrawireless is off.

Is there another place to perform this download?

Hi @rafael.dias ,

We may have 2 ways to upgrade FW on device.

  1. Local upgrade by downloading the FW from soure page of SierraWireless
  2. FOTA (FW over the air) through AirVantage server

Now, soure page is still not back online. You can try to use the option 2.

Please make sure that your device was registered and it has system page on AirVantage server.


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the problem is that with the firmware .5.5.22 I can’t connect to the internet. I don’t know why.
With the version .5.5.24, everything works fine

Hi @rafael.dias

I found the FW RHL85xx. on my local PC, you can use it for temporary using. Please check carefully before using it.
After download them, delete .z then unzip them. Sorry for the inconvenience. (4 MB) (1.6 MB)

My HL8548-G device installed successfully with this FW, you can use it for your HL8548-G device. But for sure, please download this FW on source page once it’s back online.

Hope this is helpful for you.


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Dear @Donald ,
thank you a lot for your effort.

I have a HL78 development kit here and I was think that it should possible to use it to upgrade the HL8548 modem. Even with the snap in connector, it is not possible to use the 8548 with this dev kit.

Well, I’ll request a mangoh red at our provider.