Was Open AT® Software Suite 2.36 package a retrograde step?!

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So did the OS, WIP, and eCall really drop down a version from 2.35.5 to 2.36, and then back in 2.37 :question: :open_mouth:

Ref: sierrawireless.com/Support/ … easenotes/

And that CGPS version should, surely, be 1.7.0 :question:

Hi Awneil,

R7.45.5 is a maintenance release of the FW 7.45.1 (That one were AT&T approved).
Then, per AT&T decision to move out from 2G, it was not possible to get a new FW approved by them on 2G, but it was still possible to manage a maintenance release.

For this reason, FW 7.45.5 had a particular scope, to match AT&T requirement and continue to support our customers deploying in North America.
Anyway, there was no reason to not provide latest improvement of latest OS and WIP. So it has been packaged with as an Open AT Application Framework 2.35.5.

Reminder: R7.45.5 is the last FW for 2G platform being AT&T approved.