Open AT Application Framework 2.37.6


Dear all,

Open AT Application Framework 2.37.6, with Firmware R7.47.6 has just been released.

  • 2.37.6/R7.47.6 is a maintenance release of the 2.37.4/R7.47.4.

  • The package is a maintenance release and do not include additional feature.

  • R7.47.6 firmware is approved on 2G platform: WMP Series, Q26 Series, SL6087, FXT009, GL Series.

  • Developer Studio users will get an automatic notification inviting them to download and install it.

  • All Open AT Application framework Release notes are just being transferred to Developer Zone in the Software and libraries category. 2.37.6 version will appear soon.



Please would you post a link to the release notes when they become available. Thanks!


Does this include the Latest Developer Studio?


Yes. Developer Studio 2.3.0 is included.


Still no Release notes available!

So why have you released it, when we cannot see what have changed???


There doesn’t seem to be an installer download, either.



Release notes spotted at: … _37_6.aspx


… and the installer :question: