Firmware 7.4a and Release notes.


If you’re releasing new firmware, also make the release notes work!

Open AT® Firmware 7.4a <- 404 page doesn’t exist
Open AT® OS 6.31 <- Under construction
M2M Studio 1.10 <- this works
Internet plug-in 5.20 <- Also under construction


I think you had better to waiting for official release notes to see what known issues are there, or you may be in risk to use R74a. Until now I really can not understand Wavecom has released R7.4a without its official release notes. It seemed Wavecom version release/control team could trend water and they might throw a black and white box to ADL app developers.


i’m just eagre to try it, bacause of the new wiplib version :slight_smile:
that’s why i was rather disappionted to see a new vesion number, but not know the fixes.