Release of OpenAT Developer Suite 2.0

I think it would be very interesting for many of us to know more about the OpenAT Developer Suite 2.0 release. The beta version 09 has been out for some time now, but unfortunately it doesn’t include half of the features promised for OAT DS 2.0. Two weeks ago fft posted something about a new beta release due for last week, and a final release due for 21/04/2008 (view

I know Wavecom doesn’t like roadmaps (view, but since the release seems to be imminent, they could make an exception?

It would be interesting to know more about the release dates and whether there will be a beta version with nearly all the features (especially the new feature to do passive GSM scanning).

Dear Wavecom staff, please keep us updated!

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I’d rather they deliver on other stuff before OAT DS 2.0.

From around november 2007 and 3 months forward, we were waiting for FW 6.63d that was to fix certain issues we had reported. We finally learned that the expected release date for that was some time this summer.
Information about certain modules never showing up, and finally learning that maybe it will come out end of 2009 (yes, that’s a nine).
App notes and information about certain plugins that were promised to mid-march, now expected in september…

My information is the same. Oasis 2.0 release is expected in this week.

What is in your mind? Q26 Ultra?

“FW 6.63d”
I’ve heard 2 weeks ago that around now a new 6.63 beta should be available, which could be almost identical to the 6.63d ( at least you can test your problems with it ) I think obviously some validation process needs a lot of time. ((( But what if a problem arises during validation? They start again the monthly process? :laughing: )))

Yes. What I had in mind there is the Ultra…
I am aware of the Extreme, but so far we have not received anything useful about that either, and I can’t see anything useful on the product pages…

We are a bit off-topic so i continoud this thread about the 3G products here:


The 2.01 release is available, but I can’t upload R71 firmware to the module. I already have R70 beta installed but it is apparently not compatilble with the new header in R71. Looks like X-modem download is not possible and we have to wait for the DwlWin version of the firmware which unfortunately is not included in the Open AT package. Anybody knows if the firmware is already available for distributors?

I´m in the same status, It´s no posible change the firmware via at comands, some idea ?

Yes, you should get the DWLWIN files from your distributor, you will be able to update the firmware with that.

I think Wavecom has no idea how much trouble and unnecessary work ( money ) they caused for distributors and customers with this and they diligently removed all previous mature Open AT releases, which i think is also unfortunate…

Not to mention that judging by the release notes, this is still very much an alpha or beta release, no matter what they’re calling it.
From the release notes alone, I’ve noticed several things that prevents me from using it.

I agree although in my case I started using beta 9 just to be able to upgrade to fully working version using DOTA. I still hope it will be possible with some kind of porting files.

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There are files that are specific to be used when upgrading from FW 6.x. Ask your disti for the files “dwl_port.dwl” & then after that “migration_R71_00_full_xxxxxx.dwl”. Just note that once you are using R71, you cannot rollback to FW 6.x.