New SDK and FW versions?


I was told to expect new versions of OpenAT SDK’s and firmwares last week, but I have yet to hear anything from my distributor if it actually got released or not, and in the downloads sections of the products I can’t see anything new there.
No DWL WIN either for that matter, even if there is a folder for it.

Anyone know when they will be released?


What version number would that be?


For Q26 it would be whatever follows SDK 4.22a and FW 6.63. (I’ve been waiting more than two months for a fix to a critical bug in 6.63 and I expect fixes to other minor bugs and annoyances)
For WMP that would be Open AT Software Suite 1.1.


Interesting… What critical bug is that? Could you share it with us? Unfortunately I cannot help you with the release date for the new FW.




When using GPRS and GSM CSD flows in the same application, you may get stuck with that you never receive a WIP_BEV_STOPPED event when wip_bearerStop is called.
Therefore you can’t subscribe to the GSM flow, and GPRS can’t be recovered either. The only workaround is to reset the unit after hitting this condition.

Wavecom have reproduced this issue and I was told that the firmware doesn’t generate the necessary ADL_FCM_EVENT_FLOW_CLOSED, so no workaround can be applied other than performing a reset.
This was slated to be fixed in FW 6.63d.


Thanks for the description!




Is this the one: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1607&p=5837&hilit=WIP_BEV_STOPPED+ADL_FCM_EVENT_FLOW_CLOSED#p5837 :question:


Yes, that’s the one.



I also experienced that sometimes reconnecting to the GPRS is impossible until WCPU reset, altough i only use GPRS and SMS so the problem is probably not the same. I tried a lot of things to amend the issue but failed. This problem is very rare (1 per month, with lot of travel around GSM networks), and a fast reset is bearable in our application although i am not happy with it.
Anyhow, as the OAT application has more and more role there should be an easy option (or working mode) to turn off/reinit the GSM stack and during the GSM off period the complete WCPU functionality should be available (except the GSM related stuffs). We can think about the wireless fuctionality as a periphery, which we can turn on and off whenever we want. Probably, this functionality could save us from rebooting the WCPU sometimes and could be usuful for special applications.

And one more GPRS related bug which will be hopefully corrected in the coming firmware (or at least a note should be issued how to avoid it):
If somebody experiences a lot of IP context disconnection during roaming ( usually periodically around 15 or 30 minutes), the problem could be a specific SIM toolkit command which could be received from some GSM networks. The SIM toolkit is deactivated on the WCPU by default, with activation ( AT+STSF=1 ) this kind of problem will not occure.



I totally agree, as I am quite often facing that problem. In my case, apart from some obvious GPRS problems, the GSM stack seems not to be robust enough. I can always blame myself for bad programming when I see GPRS problems, but since nothing can be done about the GSM stack, it must be a wavecom problem.