New terminal program


Hi all,

Since jan’s handy pyTkTerm terminal program is not available anymore, I thought it would be time to think about something new. I recently programmed a terminal specifically for wismos in C#. It features a HyperTerminal like interface, a script module (Lua script language, since we have to learn it anyway) and the possibility to install applications on the wismo via the xmodem protocol. It is still a pre-alpha version. I wanted to release it for the OpenAt community if there is some interest. But before I do that, I wanted to ask if there are any suggestions as to what other features should be included.


Cool :smiley: Given that the next step in tools improvement is “Total Eclipse” (entire dev tool chain as Eclipse Plug-Ins) I’m curious to know why you didn’t consider writing this as an Eclipse framework Plug-In? Do we also need a specific are in the Developer Zone for developers to publish such work? What would you like to see in that respect?


Hi Jamie,
I was not aware of this “total eclipse”. But isn’t that more focused on the development part? I was rather thinking about a solution for a more convenient deployment tool (which is not exactly provided by wavecom). I wanted a solution where you can programmatically flash a wavecom module with the latest firmware (a time-consuming 3 step procedure in HyperTerminal) and your own OpenAT application, or set an IMEI, or simply interact with the module with AT commands. As for the publishing, I have no idea where I should do it. I thought of this as an open source community project, but I have little experience with open source software from the point of view of maintainance.


It would be appreciated if more information about the future of the dev tools are made available.

  1. Will there still be support for ADS? Or maybe even add support for RealView as ADS is pretty aged by now.
  2. What will happen to any Visual Studio support? Will it be removed? Will RTE compiles still be supported through VS? And as VS also support compiling for ARM (VS Express excluded), are there any plans to support that, or at least have some note about how to take advantage of VS own ARM compiler? (I don’t know how VS ARM compiler support compares to ADS, but it should still be better than GCC)


That’s great news, there’s definitely a need for a lightweight communication tool that Just Works ™ :slight_smile:, especially something that supports decent terminal features unlike Windows’ hyperterminal, and very simple X-Modem download unlike the terminal emulator. The needs I’d love to see addressed, beyond terminal + app downloads, are:

  • bindings to GNU readline, or BSD editline, or some other clone thereof that offers proper line editing and history.
  • ability to exchange over TCP/IP as well as serial line (so that the same terminal handles Lua shells when the devkit is linked through PPP over UART).
  • open sources & licence !

I’d advise you to put your work on the Open AT Lua wiki, where I’ve just added a “Community provided tools” page, linked from the home page: … unityTools . Generally speaking, don’t hesitate to put and edite stuff on the wiki, it’s yours!



I posted a first release of the new terminal (OpenTerminal) here:

It is still a beta release. Tell me what you think…