help me to download Open AT® Software Suite 2.36

i can find Open AT® Software Suite 2.36 installer any site
can you help me to find it or share me if you have installer

i need it to code in q26 Extreme


The full installer for 2.36 is not available for download but it is available in respository.

You can first install the latest version (e.g. 2.51 then list and select “Install selected packages” to install 2.36 through Packages Manager.

(Here’s the screen capture but I already have 2.36 installed so it shown as gray.)

Hope this helps.

Dear all,

I know this topic is terribly old but it might help someone (me for example) in the future.

I have spend a few hours making the solution of lotam work, the suggested repository however is no longer available and I was unsuccessful finding a replacement therefore upgrading 2.20 to 2.37 is no longer possible the suggested way. I needed 2.37 since this is the last version where the C-GPS OPUS module software is included to get my old code to work.

The open at framework 2.37 installer is not located in the archive: … devices%5C

The full installer is located here: … installer/
Direct link: … taller.exe