Porting Projects from Q2686 to Q2698

Hi all,

i checked the forum, but did not find anything:

I’m trying to use my Q2686 Application on a Q2698.
I downloaded DS 2.3.1 and did all the upgrades, but I do not get it to work.

What I’m wondering is:
When creating a new Open-AT-Application, there’s no option for Q2698.
Also when opening or importing my Project, I can only select Q268X, SL608X, WMP100, WMP150, WMP50, Fastrack Xtend.

Leaving it this way also tells me:

Open AT OS Package ( is not providing libraries for the active toolchain: [Target] ARM ELF GCC.

What am I doing wrong. Can anybody tell me, how to setup my project to get it working?

Thanks in advance,


Have you added Q2698 repository at Package Manager of Developer Studio?

If not, please try adding the repository to Developer Studio:

I added you link in the Preferences and pressed “Reload”.

Trying to alter my existing project I now have NO module any longer available where before was Q268x etc.

Creating a new OpenAT Project I still only have the “old” modules available, but no Q2698, even after restarting the Studio.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Not sure was it added correctly… please refer to this post for example.