Q2686 newbie questions

We are going to try Wavecom modules for our development, and Q2686 seems to be ok for our applications. But we have some questions which either not answered in available documentation, or we were unable to find exact answers. Maybe someone can shortly comment them. Sorry for really newbie questions, we do not ask for deep details, just for short “Yes/No/Look here…”. Thanks in advance!

1. Q2686 core.
It is said about ARM9. Can you tell more details about used ARM core in this product? The main purpose is to find more low-level information about the CPU core.

2. Free memory for OpenAT application.
How much RAM and Flash are, in general, available for user application in Q2686?

3. Firmware revision.
It is available for us to get Q2686H-431 V6.63. Is it compatible with V7.x firmware?

4. OpenAT Software Suite.
The Wavecom offers the 2.12 version only for Q2686. At the same time the 3.21 release is available for other products. As we realized, 3.21 is Eclipse-based.
There are no any device-dependand settings in 3.21 at first glance. But is the 3.21 suite compatible with Q2686 modules?

5. Series-related features.
We have found an old PDF document which lists modules series like Q2686H-430 with their features. But our supplier offers -431 series, and we were unable to find exact features list for 431. Can anybody point us to the original document which includes these modules as well?

6. C-GPS plugin.
Which hardware modules (exact numbers) are recommended for this product?
As far as we understand, we can use C-GPS plugin only if we use original Opus-based GPS module (which do you recommend?). Is it compatible with some other GPS receivers which provide, at least, NMEA compatibility?

7. Internet plugin.
We can get modules with I3.11 mark in the name as well as without it. We think that it is the V3.11 Wavecom Internet plugin version.
Can these modules be upgraded to I4.xx version? There is PDF documents availale for 3.11 and for 4.01, but we unsure if we can upgrade I3.11 modules to 4.01 or if we can use 4.01 Internet features on modules which supplied without I3.11 label?

8. C-Bluetooth.
There is no downloadable documentation available for Bluetooth for Q2686 modules. Are they compatible with Bluetooth? Which RF module should we use with it, if yes?

9. Digital Audio interface.
We wish to play MP3 files by the device. Can this inteface be used? Are there any sample applications for this interface? Can this interface be used with PCM1770PW DAC and software MP3 decoder? Please note that it is not about playing into GSM network, it is about playing files through external hardware DAC. The GSM network will be used only for GPRS/Internet services.

10. DOTA.
As far as wee understand, we can use it for Q2686. Does the loader support the firmware protection (encryption)? Or can it be replaced by custom-made loader which does?

Thanks again if you still read this list :slight_smile:




3.21 is very old. Use Oasis 2.12 instead.

There are only software features, which can be ordered or activated later.

C-GPS is only for dedicated modules. If you want another module, write your own NMEA parser.

WIP is just a plugin for OpenAT applications. It’s included in your own app, not on the module. Version 5.00 is out as of R7.2.

It is included in the SDK.

If 26MHz to 104MHz and 256KB is enough for decoding MP3s it can be done.

You have to implement your own code anyway, so encryption can be achieved.

It seems that it is compatible, isn’t it?
There is a file named “R72a00-cus-q26-01.wpk (1.43 Mo)” in the download area, there is a file named “R72a00-full-q2686h.dwl” in 2.12 SDK Firmware subdirectory, and there is a topic here, where this problem seems to be solved.

Wow, I expected that version numbers are increasing… Thank you for pointing out.

Does it mean free activation? Because the modules with I3.11 and without it are available to us for the same price.

And, BTW, I have not found the Bluetooth plugin in the SDK 2.12.

Thank you for answers.

The Q2686H is just a piece of hardware, and afaik there is only one hardware version. The rest is software. You can run it with FW 6.63 or 7.2. But FW 6.63 isn’t compatible to 7.2.

Generally they are. But I think you are trying to compare OpenAT 3.21 and Oasis 2.21. Oasis is the successor of OpenAT, though many users and wavecom still refer to it as OpenAT. So it’s best to talk about the FW version, at least it is unique and increasing.

Discuss that with your distributor.

There is a guide to bluetooth specific AT commands, but you also check with your distributor.

I originally asked about compatibility of Q2686H hardware with 7.2 firmware (that is, that 7.2 can be run on Q2686). Ok.

Getting the OpenAT Development Suite 2.12 from Wavecom download area, I have never seen the name “Oasis”. So the question: is that software the Oasis which you mention? Except the firmware and plugin versions, the 2.12 and 3.21 from Wavecom look very same: the same Eclipse IDE, the same folder structure, the same set of compilers, etc. Or there is another one development software?

Regarding reference to versions: yes, the original question was about compatibility of development suite version X with firmware version Y on hardware type Z. As I understand, I can run firmware 7.x on Q286 and use SDK 2.12 from Wavecom for it. That is what I wanted to know.

It’s better to read ADL guide - too much specific options. In general there are 256K RAM, 128K flash for user data and up to 1,3Mb for A&D storage (the same flash). Q2686G has twice amount of flash memory but it is still available as A&D storage - much more complicated than plain old flash objects :frowning: .

You can load into your Q2686H any of this firmwares. I’m using right now Q2686H with R72, Oasis 2.11, Wip 5.00.

AFAIR the 431 series just have internet feature activated. You will avoid a couple of problems if you choose modules with 1 in the last digit of series number (431 over 430).

DO NOT USE c-gps plugin. Find NMEA parser and use any GPS receiver. It is much cheaper and better solution.

Maybe this problem could be solved with external MP3 chip via I2C interface…

DOTA can be made even over SSL. Any kind of custom encryption can be made but I don’t know what for.

Can you give any furher informations about that kind of solution. Maybe some usefil links. Thx

You can use virtually any GPS receiver with your wavecom module if you will parse NMEA frames by yourself. It’s pretty easy and I’ve seen ready NMEA parsers on sourceforge.
If you choose to parse NMEA, you will be able to connect any GPS module to UART2 and you will get full control of GPS price, sensitivity and behaviour.

We use eb230 on MTK chipset: http://www.datasheetarchive.com/EB-230-datasheet.html

For finding open-source code: google.com/codesearch/advanced_code_search