VZW IMEI issue / ALMS Bulk Registration

Monthly I run a report in VZW B2B that gives me the new lines activated with the Name and IMEI. I then match the IMEI with a file that I receive from my distributor that has the IMEI and the SN. Then I have one spreadsheet with the IMEI, SN and Name that I can use for bulk registration on ALMS.

However, of the 200 lines we activated last month only 170 have a direct IMEI match. Apparently VZW sometimes drops / modify’s the last digit or two of the IMEI. I chatted with VZW support and thy recognize the ‘issue’ but don’t have an algorithm as to when and why the system does this. If I could get a definition of Sometimes then I could add that into my match function…

Does anyone have any insights or suggestions?

Ben Smith

Hello Ben,

If the IMEI provided by VZW are getting short then the only way would be to find out manually the full IMEI through the unit remote access (Ace Manager) in order to have imported in ALMS. ALMS would only access a full IMEI number.


I found the issue, VZW didn’t have the LUHN digit in the report. I just had to calculate that and tack it on.

I had actually forgotten I posted this to the forum. Seems odd that no one from Sierra is monitoring the forums.