Help! RV50 Not Working

Help! I have a RV50 that has been working great for 2 months. Suddenly, no data. When powering or resetting, I ONLY get a green power light. NO other light ever flashes on turns on. I’ve verified that my Verizon account is active. ALMS “Timeline” shows “Registration Expired” at time of data stoppage. What does this mean?

If it only boots to a solid green power LED, then it has a boot failure. If under warranty, you should open an RMA with Sierra.

I have several RV50 and RV55 devices that were communicating great with ALMS and then just stopped. In ALMS it says “Registration Expired”. The devices are online and I can click on the IP address and open the login page from ALMS but the Comm status is RED and the Sync status is GREEN. How is that possible? It’s synced but can’t communicate? WTH?

More and more of my devices are doing this. I need assistance with this please.